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As part of their syllabus, most universities require students to present a paper and submit a project in the final year. Some of these schools also insist on two projects – a mini project and a main project – each carries a certain percentage of marks to be added to the final score of the student.

But many students fail to realize the importance of choosing the right topic to present or the best area to do a project. This is precisely where ProjectsAndSeminars.com can help you. We have a team of people with ample experience in the industry and are well aware of the present trends. We can help you choose the right topic for your seminars.

Today, the industry is looking to have students who have already done something on a technology similar to the one they work on. It would be a big distinction if you are already familiar with the latest technology / trends in the industry – right within the college. And the easiest way to make this happen is to choose the right seminar topics to present and get things right, well before you start your project.

Ever wondered what chosing the right topic can do for you? It can force you to learn the current trends in the industry and get yourself established as a go-to-person for that technology in your college. It can impress your seminar evaluators and land you a job or get your startup rolling. Similar are the benefits of choosing the right area to do your main / mini project. What technology should you choose and why? How choosing the right technology / platform can do wonders in your career? You will have all such answers soon!

We are not ready to go, as yet. We are preparing the right materials for you and expect to launch in September 2011. Drop your email and you will be among the first to know once we raise the curtains!

ProjectsAndSeminars Team

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